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“V2X is a form of technology that allows vehicles to communicate with moving parts of the traffic system around them. V2X, or connected-vehicle-to-everything communication, has several components.” –

V2X stands for vehicle-to-everything communication. In order for fully autonomous vehicles to become a reality, vehicles need to be able to communicate/get data from a variety of sources: other vehicles, pedestrians/bicyclists, and the cellular infrastructure. This is accomplished by outfitting the cars with a variety of sensors as well as tracking its movement via GPS and cellular signal. 5G will allow cloud processing of the vast amount of data the sensors produce with a low enough latency to accurately affect/correct vehicle decisions. In short, 5G will make mass adoption of autonomous vehicles possible, safer, and more reliable.


5GRAY.COM (Electric Vehicle Management)


5GoRAN.COM - Open Radio Access Network


5GENOME.COM ( DApp) (  Entertainment) (  Aviation,)

5GFLYING.COM ( sensors) ( 5G and Mass Transit) ( Connected Airports)


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